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Useful Tips to Prevent Seasickness

Useful Tips to Prevent Seasickness

Being seasick can be tricky. You are all looking forward to your big nautical excursion, but as soon as the boat enters open waters, you start to feel dizzy and just want to lie down.

Despite the fact that it’s unpleasant, every sailor experiences seasickness at some point. Those who are fortunate will typically only endure a little headache while getting used to life on the waves, whereas others may end up feeling extremely weak and dizzy. Thankfully there are a few ways to keep it in control, especially when you are on a jet ski tour in Dubai.

What Causes Seasickness?

The vestibular system in the inner ear regulates your balance and is dysfunctional when you are seasick. Vertigo, nausea, pale complexion, feverishness, and general unwell feeling are caused by your brain’s inability to process the various signals from your inner ear and eyes.

Get in As Much Fresh Air

Even though it might seem quite apparent, getting some fresh air can help you feel better if you’re seasick. In fact, the higher you are, the fresher the air you are exposed to. This significantly lessens the likelihood of it happening. It is preferable to keep your head out and pay attention to the trip so that your mind is diverted.

Ginger Tea

Before you head for the sea, make sure to gobble down a piece of ginger or, even better, drink a glass of ginger tea. Although the cause remains unknown, it has long been known to be a straightforward but efficient treatment for seasickness. It might either lessen or end it completely.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

If medication is not for you, the next best thing would be to consider the food you are consuming. Before heading out, it would help if you avoid fatty, heavy, or spicy food. Even consuming alcohol can cause it. Instead, you could opt for light snacks such as crackers to help keep your stomach calm. Also, remember to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This is especially important in hot climates like Dubai, where the temperature only increases.

Scented Oils

There are certain odors from the sea that could also cause seasickness. If you feel a whiff before you hop on to the jetski Dubai ride, applying peppermint oil around your nose is best. This treatment helps in preventing the confusing signals sent to your brain.

Acupressure Bands

Inspired by traditional medical procedures, these bands help in reducing nausea and vomiting. There is a plastic stud fastened under the belt that helps with it. Alternatively, you can apply pressure on your wrist if you can’t find this at a pharmacy.

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