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Fun Activities to Celebrate Your Birthday

Fun Activities to Celebrate Your Birthday

Are you bored of the regular dinner and brunches with family and friends? Are you looking for something exciting to do on your birthday? Well then, this article is for you. Enlisted below are some of the best activities to excite the adrenaline junkie in you. From a thrilling jet ski tour in Dubai to the famous banana boat ride, we’ve covered it all.

Jet Ski

If you are a water baby and love everything and anything related to watersports, a jet ski tour Dubai might be the answer. Look for a jet ski rental that offers this exciting ride at an affordable price. It is perfect for the adrenaline junkies as you experiment with different ways of maneuvering the boat over water. You can then choose the duration based on your budget and time. The overall experience is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression that you will cherish for years to come.

Banana Boat

Whether you are in Dubai to celebrate your birthday, looking for a great outdoor activity, or have been living here but never got on a banana boat, you should try out this thrilling boat excursion. You will enter the water in a banana-shaped boat attached to a speedboat, where you will be guaranteed an incredible rush of excitement. As the speed boat drags the banana boat across the water, you will feel the splashing of the water and the strong wind blowing in your face. It has a capacity of 2-6 people so you can decide accordingly. Though, we’d recommend going as pairs so you can compete against each other.


Donut rides will raise the bar for your watersports activity. This ride, which is similar to a banana boat ride, will take you on an exhilarating journey as you zoom around Dubai’s waterways in an inflatable spherical donut-shaped boat. It was created for people who enjoy speed and excitement, and it will certainly give you the adrenaline rush.


Nothing could be more thrilling than riding a flyboard over the waves of the ocean. Getting over a flyboard that has a hose attached to the middle and water flowing into it is the objective of the game. The power provided can propel you up to 10 metres in the air, giving you room to fly, leap, and attempt other thrilling tricks. The best thing is that anyone may participate in this activity, regardless of expertise level, to enjoy this unequalled watersport.

Stand Up Paddle Board

The Stand Up Paddle Board is a fantastic way to combat the heat and tone your body because it combines sunbathing with exercise. This allows you to quietly glide over the waves, which is a known anxiety-relieving pastime.

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